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August 13, 2012
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-Your POV-
"(Name)! Get back!" Arthur cried out as he parried a blow from a sword that would have other wise split his skull in two. His red coat turned redder by blood, his hat missing, and his white undershirt untucked from his brown pants.
"But Captain I-"
"That was an order (Name)! Now go!" He cut you off, never turning to look at you as he did his best to defend his ship.
"How did this happen?" Arthur thought to himself as he finally managed to flip his opponent over the side of the ship.
He looked around quickly, and he watched as you slipped into the cargo hold. Relieved, he went back into the fight.
-an hour later-
You peered out of the cargo hold when you finally heard the clang of steel and the shouts of fighting men die down. What you saw was absolutly gruesome. There were bodies everywhere, though luckily for your crew, they were mostly the attacking pirates. You quickly climbed out of the hold so that you could help tend to those who had been injured, as you were the ships doctor.
"You need to rest for a while, but your hand should be fine in a day or two." You said as your last patient of the day walked out of the room with a smile and a thanks. Then you realized something. You hadn't seen the captain since he told you to go hide… "He's probably in his quarters." you thought to yourself. You knew Captain Kirkland very well by this point (since you had been with his crew for several years) and knowing him, you decided to bring some bandages with you. Captain Kirkland was not the kind of person who would ask for help unless it was a life or death matter.
You walked through the ship, avoiding the crew members that were well enough to start scrubbing the deck. A few minutes later, you were at the door to the captain's quarters. -Knock knock knock…- "Captain, it's me (Name). Can I come in?" You asked through the door.
"Just a moment love." He replied. You heard him moving around his room, and a moment later he opened the door with a smile on his face.
"Ello love, what can I do for you?" He said in his signature British accent that made your insides turn to mush.
You gulped before replying "Captain you know why I'm here. You didn't come see me earlier. And don't say that you don't have any cuts because I know that at least one cut is on your arm!" You said in a stern voice, hands on hips and gauze in one hand.
"Hehehe" He chuckled quietly. "Nothing gets past you, does it (Name)? Alright come on in." He moved out of the doorway so that you could walk in.
-Arthur's POV-
I lay on my bed with my shirt off. I was covered in cuts and bruises, but I didn't go see (Name) because I knew she would worry and fuss over me. Not that I don't enjoy that, I just can't stand the look on her face while she does it. It's like she'd afraid the smallest little splinter is going to lead to my end.
-Knock Knock knock…- "Captain, it's me (Name). Can I come in?" I heard (Name) ask through the door. I quickly ran to put my shirt back on, to cover my injuries.
"Just a moment love." I replied through the door.
Straightening out my collar I opened the door and smiled at the beautiful girl before me.
"Ello love, what can I do for you?" I already knew the answer to this. The reason she always comes to me if I don't come to her after a fight is because one time I had gotten a gash across my chest. It wasn't deep so I thought I didn't have to go see (Name). The only problem was that every time I moved, I opened my wound back up until I finally went to see (Name) and I collapsed from bloodloss into her arms. She looked up at me with her hands on her hips and a glare on her face as she spoke.
"Captain you know why I'm here. You didn't come see me earlier. And don't say that you don't have any cuts because I know that at least one cut is on your arm!" She concluded, shooting daggers at me with her eyes, but also looking concerned.
"Hehehe" I chuckled under my breath. "She's so cute when she's mad…" I thought to myself.
"Nothing gets past you, does it (Name)? Alright come on in." I responded and moved out of the way so that she could come in. I walked over to the bed and sat down so that she could take a look at me. I winced a bit as I started to unbutton my shirt. The adrenaline was starting to wear off, and I could feel all of the little nicks and bumps I had just acquired. She must have noticed because she gently moved my hands away from said buttons, and quickly undid the remainder of them.
-Your POV-
The captain walked over to the bed without another word and looked over at me expectantly. I walked over as he began to remove his shirt so that I could check his torso for any wounds that he "forgot" to show me. He winced a bit about half way through, so I moved his hands to his sides and began to undo his buttons for him. As gently as I could I pulled his white undershirt off and began to examine his back. It was one of his only weak points, and he almost always had at least one cut there. He had more than a few long scars running across his skin. This time he was lucky. He didn't have a new scar to add to his collection. Satisfied, I began to examine his strong chest and arms. I saw the scar that ran from his right shoulder to his last rib on the left. It was nothing too impressive, but that was the first time I had ever been truly afraid in my life. He had a few small cuts on his stomach and one larger one near the scar mentioned before. I held back a gasp as I looked at his arm. He had obviously used his arm to deflect a blow, possibly more than once. The cut ran down the length of his forearm, and there were several other lines going though it, his arm looked like some kind of grotesque jigsaw puzzle.
"Captain Kirkland, sir?"
"I need you to come with me to the infurmery. Your arm needs a few stitches." I stated to him as calmly as I could.
"Love, I think you may want to just bring your stitches here. My head isn't feeling fantastic." He told me as he put his hand up to hold his head, pushing his blonde lockes out of his face and covering one adorably bushy eyebrow. "Not again…" I groaned inwardly. I knew he would be fine once I stitched him up, but the fact that he was too light headed to walk to the infurmery meant that he had been ignoring this for a while, probably even during the fight. I quickly walked out of his room, but as soon as I was out of there I started to run. I grabbed everything I thought I might need. Needle, stitches, disinfectant, and a bottle of whiskey to kill the pain. As I was sprinting back to his room I noticed that the crew had all gone to eat in the galley. "OY! (Name)!" The first mate shouted as I darted past. "Yes?" I replied stopping to answer him.
"Where's the Cap'n at?"
"He needs to rest for a while. I'll come get his food in a minute." I said as I dashed away once again. When I made it back into the captain's room, I saw him sitting there, his arm still bleeding, looking out the window at the ocean. I walked around so that I was infront of him and handed him the bottle of whiskey. I grinned at him and said "Chug!" He laughed at that and grabbed the bottle. He downed it all in less than a minute. I giggled a bit because he seemed nervous, so I tried to lighten the mood. "Now lay down…" again, he did as he was told. "Close your eyes. You may feel a pinch or a tug, but don't open your eyes until I tell you." He nodded as his lids slipped shut. I set to work. Your skilled hands quickly closed up the longest cut on his arm first, as it was also the deepest. You then set to work on the cuts that went through the larger one. When that was done, the crew had all gone to bed, so you were the only ones awake. "Arthur are you hungry?" I asked quietly.
"Famished." Came his somewhat groggy reply. You walked into the ships galley and grabbed your dinners but also a cloth and a bowl full of water so that you could get the blood off his muscle clad arms and chest. You returned once again to find him sitting up in bed, trying to examine his arm. "Hey! Be careful! If you pop those stitches I'll have to start over again!" You cried out, pouting a bit to show you weren't really mad. "Dinner is served!" you exclaimed cheerily as you handed him his plate and sat down next to him, placing the bowl and cloth on his bedside table as you both ate your food.
"Oy, (Name) what's that for?" Arthur asked as he stuck another forkful of fish into his mouth, gesturing at the bowl and cloth.
"I just need to clean the blood off your arm." You stated simply, taking a bite out of your biscuit.
"Oh" He said as you two lapsed into a slightly awkward silence. When you were both finished you grabbed his plate and started to get up to return them to the galley, when you felt a tug on your wrist. You looked back to see Arthur, mouth open looking like he was trying to say something. You set the plates down and sat back down again as you looked at him. You decided that since he didn't seem to want you to leave yet, that you would clean his arm. You turned slightly and grabbed the cloth and bowl, taking the cloth in your hand and putting the bowl in you lap. You dipped the end of the red cloth into the water and gently dabbed at the dried up mess on his arm. "Ouch!" He cried out as you accidentally got to close to one of his bruises. He held your hand away from his skin with one eye closed until the stinging subsided. "Sorry Cap'n!" You exclaimed. Then he closed both of his eyes and let out a sigh, "It's alright (Name)." He replied opening his eyes again while a smile graced his features, making your heart flutter a bit in your chest as it always did. He released your hand and let you continue. Arthur tried to tell you something several more times that night. By the time you were ready to leave he seemed quite frustrated. Running his hands through his hair and pacing he would look at you while you sat on his bed, and start to say something like "(Name) I- no that's not it" and several other variations of the sentence until you yawned and closed your eyes, leaning your elbows on your knees and putting your head in your hands as you drifted off.
-Arthur's POV-
"Damnit Arthur! Why is it so hard for you to tell her! Just say 'I love you (Name)!' it's not that hard" I thought to myself. "I love yo-" I stopped mid sentence when I saw that (Name) was asleep with her head in her hands. I smiled and thought. "She must be exhausted…" I walked over to her and gently laid her down under the blankets, as I couldn't have carried her to her own room with my arm as beat up as it was. Still smiling I walked around to the other side of the king sized bed and lay down to catch a few hours of shut eye, when (Name) started thrashing about in her sleep like she was running. "Arthur…! She mumbled "Don't leave me Arthur!" she was histeric. I gently whispered to her. "(Name)! I'm right here. Shhh.... It's okay... Shhh… I promise, I'm not going anywhere." I wrapped my arms around her. "Why would you think I would leave you?" I asked her. "You know I love you don't you?" I decided to tell her while she was asleep since I wouldn't be brave enough to tell her in the morning. "I know you do Arthur." She said as she opened her (color) orbs to look up at me and wrap her arms around my neck. She snuggled closer and admitted "I just wanted to hear you say it." I smiled and kissed her forehead. Clever girl...
"You missed." She said
"What?" I asked, genuinely confused. She pulled my head down so that we were looking each other in the eyes.
"I said, you missed." She whispered as her lips pressed against mine. I was stunned at first, but I soon relaxed and started to kiss her back. We had been kissing like that for a few minutes when I decided to deepen the kiss. I licked her bottom lip, asking for entrance, which I was denied. I growled at her, because when Captain Arthur Kirkland wants something, he gets it, and right now I really wanted to see just how sweet (Name) tasted. I broke away and started to kiss a trail down her neck. I found my way to the sensitive spot behind her ear and gently nibbled there until she let out a moan. It was like music to my ears as I quickly dove back down to capture her mouth with mine and thrust my tounge into her mouth. She groaned in protest and tried to fight back, but my muscle soon dominated hers as I explored her damp cavern. I wanted this to last forever, but we both soon ran out of air. We broke apart panting, I was light headed again, but this time it was for a completely different reason. She brought her head down so that it was laying on my bare chest, and her arms were slowly unwrapping themselves from around my neck and instead wrapping around my chest. I pulled her to me tightly and wrapped my arms around her waist. "I love you too Arthur." Was the last thing she said before we both drifted off to sleep.
I know I just wrote a thing about Germany and I promise I will try to continue it but this may be my last entry for a few days thanks to a stupid paper I have to write for school. URG!!
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"I love you too Arthur." Was the last thing I said to the captain and then  drifted off to sleep.

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