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August 2, 2012
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-Your POV-
You were swimming in your pool, since you had decided to take a day off to relax and not worry about your country for once.
"CANON BALL!!!" Germany shouts, swamping your raft and knocking you off of it.You come up giggling to see all of your Axis Powers friends show up in swimsuits, except for Kiku (aka Japan), who was still wearing his white button down shirt and plain white pants.
-Half an hour later-
After several failed attempts at trying to get Kiku to come and join you guys, Italy and Germany decided to have a diving contest.  Since you were the judge of said contest you were floating on an inner tube near the edge of the pool.
"Ve~ (Name) it's too high!"  Italy was yelling down at you from the diving board, when you heard a "thump" from behind you.  You look over and see Kiku laying face down on the ground.  You had a backround in nursing, so you quickly paddled to the side of the pool and jumped out.
"Kiku!  Kiku are you okay?!" you yelled once you reached him.  Germany and Italy soon followed.
"(Name) vhat happened?  A soaked Germany asks.
"I don't know. I think he passed out."  You gently turn the Asian nation over so that he is lying on his back.  His face is as red as one of Romano's tomatoes, and his breathing is slightly labored.
"Germany," you say sternly "can you carry him inside and put him in one of the guest rooms?"
"Ja" Germany replies, easily scooping up the unconscious man in his arms.  Once Japan is in his new room, you pull his shirt off to try and help cool him down, seeing his chisled abs in the process.  He has a cut on one side of his head from hitting the pavement, but it's nothing serious.  Ever so gently you clean his wound and then carefully place a small bandage over the angry red streak.  You turn on the ceiling fan, the air conditioning, you even thought about filling the room with ice for a moment.  You were doing what ever you could to help him cool down, running around like a chicken with its head cut off that had one too many Red Bulls. A grey hound would have been put to shame if it were in a race with you!
-15 minutes later-
Kiku's breathing has gone back to a slow, quiet tempo. His face was a bit pink, but at least he wasn't bright red anymore. He almost looks like he is just sleeping now with such a peaceful expression on his face, not giving the three of you heart attacks because he was too stubborn to get in the pool and overheated!
"Ve~ (Name), w-will Japan be okay?" Italy asks quietly, tearing up as he gazes up at you, then back down to his poor friend.
"Ja," Germany asks "he's not going to need a hospital is he?"
You look at Kiku again, still sleeping like a baby.
"I think Japan will be just fine by tomorrow."  You reply cheerfully, giving the worried nations a reassuring smile.
At that both nations sigh in relief, Germany leans back against the wall and runs a hand through his tangled blonde locks.
"Zhat was scary…"  He thought to himself.  "Vell zhen (Name) I zhink Italy and I have had enough excitement for vone day, let's go home Italy, ve can come get Japan tomorrow."  Germany states after a while.
"Ve~ Okay Germany!  Bye (Name)!  Take good care of Japan!" Italy calls as he is lead out the door by the larger nation.
"Bye guys" you yell as they walk through the front door.
-Kiku POV-
"Kiku!  Kiku are you okay?! "
I heard (Name) yelling before I black out, her voice getting quieter as the world grew darker.  I woke with a start. I don't know where I am, I can see the moon outside my window so I know it must be around three in the morning.  I tried to remember how I got here in the first place.  Then I see that (Name) has fallen asleep in a high backed leather chair in the corner.  Then it hits me.  I remember blacking out from the heat... and... and (Name) was yelling...  My head is killing me... Maybe some water will help?  He sees that you are still asleep and trys to stand up to get some water, not wanting to wake you. He makes it about two steps before he gets light headed and falls down again with a loud THUD!  Catching himself on his hands and knees this time.
-Your POV-
You were sleeping peacefully, when you are jolted awake by a huge THUD!  You jump at the noise.  Once you clear the grogginess from your mind and look around you see Kiku on the floor holding his head with one hand, black hair falling between his splayed fingers.  "Kiku!"  You exclaim, running to his side." …  (Name)... sorry I woke you, I was just going to get some water..." he said in a hoarse voice, like his tounge was made of sandpaper.
"You don't have to apologize Kiku..." you crooned softly.  You then gave him a soft smile and hooked his arm over your shoulders to help him get back in bed.  He was a lot heavier than you thought he would be.  Slowly but surely you both stood up with Kiku leaning on you heavily, almost like a deadweight.  You got him back into a sitting postion on the edge of the bed, and then quickly told your patient, "I'll go get you some water, try and lay down again alright?"  He nodded and you went to get a pitcher of water and a glass.
-Kiku POV-
"Ouch," I thought as my hands smacked the floor "that smarts."  I heard (name) yelling my name again.  My head is pounding.  I held my head in one hand trying to dull the migraine-like pain.  Once it cleared up a bit I saw (Name) at my side looking at me with concern.
"…  (Name)...  Sorry I woke you, I was just going to get some water..."  She smiled then, and I swore my heart skipped a beat.  "What on earth?"  I thought, making my head pound again. Trying to think while light headed is not pleasant...
"You don't have to apologize Kiku..."  The way she said my name gave me goose bumps, not that she could tell since she was trying to get me back into the bed.  When she touched my arm, I felt my heart rate shoot up, and my cheeks flush slightly.  "What is happening?  Maybe I am sick?"
My heart and my head are pounding so loud that I can hardly hear (Name).  She said something about water and I just nodded, a bit too dazed to speak.  As I lay back down I wondered "Am I in rove with (Name)...  No of course not, we are just friends...  It's not rike she would rike someone rike me anyway...  She probably rikes Alfred....Stupid American..."  Just then (Name) walked back in with the water.
-Your POV-
You came back in about five minutes later with a glass full of water and a pitcher full as well.  You set the pitcher and the glass down on the bedside table to help Kiku sit up again.  You switched on the lamp, blinding the both of you for a second.  Then you handed him the glass, but his hands were shaking so bad you would have thought that Russia had just overheard Kiku talking trash about him.  Most of the refreshing liquid spilled onto his god-like abs and chest. Germany must be giving them quite a work out...  He blushes a bit then, probably because A. he is embarrassed that he can't hold a glass of water and B. he wasn't wearing a shirt.  When the glass does get to his mouth he gets very little water and so this time when you fill his cup again, you sit down next to him on the bed, and help him drink by holding the glass to his lips.  His eyes are closed and you can see just how grateful he is by the look of absolute bliss on his face.  You see a small drop forming in the corner of his mouth.  When he finishes his drink you reach forward with one hand and delicatly wipe it from his handsome features.  His eyes snap open, then relax again.
"Thank you (Name)" he whispered, a small smile growing slowly on his face as his eyes felll shut again.
"You're wlecome Kiku..."  You got the chills from his voice, and your heart raced.  You had been crushing on Kiku for a while now, but you doubted he liked you back, so you stayed silent about your feelings.
-Kiku POV-
(Name) walked back in with a pitcher of water and a glass in her hand.  She helped me sit up, even though I could do it on my own (me: not) I prefer letting this beautiful princess before me do it instead.  I think I rove her, and since she would never like someone like me I am going to use this situation to my advantage.  She hands me the glass and I am surprised that my hand shakes so much.  Most of the liquid sloshes out onto my skin since I wasn't wearing a shirt.  I feel my face heat up slightly and know that I am blushing.  (Name) must feel sorry for me because when she fills my glass again rather than handing it to me she sits down near my hip and holds the glass to my lips.  Water has never tasted so good! It feels like this is the first time I have had water after walking aimlessly through a dessert for days.  Is it because I was so thirsty, or because it's (Name) who is giving it to me?  I feel (Name)'s soft fingers brush my face and I am thrown from my thoughts as my eyes snap open.  I see that she is only keeping me from getting any more water on myself, and soon relax again.  My throat is still dry and all I can do at the moment is whisper;
"Thank you (Name)..." as my eyes slide shut again.
"You're welcome" she replies with a smile in her voice.  I feel the bed shake a bit as she shivers.  I open my eyes again and gently wrap my arms around her cold form.  We both slowly slide under the warm blanket and she cuddles up to me. Normally I would be freaking out because my personal space was being compromised, but I didn't care right then...
-Your POV-
Kiku opens his eyes again after you shiver from the freezing temperature you made the room trying to cool him down.  He gently wraps his arms around you, and you both slowly slide beneath the covers.
"Kiku...  I wonder if he feels the same way..." you think to youself as you cuddle him.
-Kiku POV-
"~sigh~"  I hear myself breath out.  (Name)'s (hair color) locks smells wonderful, like fresh picked flowers.  I wait until I think she is asleep and then whisper softly in her ear.
"I love you (Name)..."
I can feel her tense almost instantly. Shoot! I didn't think she would hear me!
"K-Kiku? I-Is that t-true?" (Name) stutters.
"H-Hai..." I reply slowly.
"Aishiteru, Kiku. And I have for a long time now..." She whispers, slowly moving her head closer to my own. She slowly creeps up until she is almost touching my lips. My eyes were wide with shock, and I was just staring into her eyes, when I finally realized why she had stopped. She was waiting for permission. I gave a small smile, gently closing the distance between us. Our first kiss. My first kiss. It was slow and filled with the best drug ever known to man kind.  Love. Now I know why they say love makes people blind. I wasn't in the  water, but I was drowning. I was drowning in (Name). Her scent, her touch, her breath... I saw no flaw in her. She was perfect. Finally, the dizziness became too much to bear, and I pulled back with a loud gasp. My head was spinning before, but now it was kind of pleasant, because I knew that (Name) loved me. And she always would.
This is my first fan fic. I got the idea after I read :
Water Fight + Anime [Hetalia: Japan x Reader]
I would put a link to it but I don't know how... sorry! Please tell me how I can make it better!
Also! In my opinion the more fluff there is the better the story is!!
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This is very good! The only comment I would have to say on it is that "aishiteru" wouldn't be very good to use, because it is a strong form of love, and sometimes even married couples in Japan don't say it. Just thought i'd inform you on that although its a very small, minor detail.
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